S-3.2 A to Z warranty and chargebacks. If we inform you that we have received a claim under the “A-to-z Warranty” offered on TR Amazon`s website or a chargeback or other dispute related to the offering, sale or performance of your products in connection with any of your transactions, you will provide us with three (3) days of our request: (a) proof of delivery or performance of your products (if any); (b) the corresponding Amazon order identification number; (c) a description of your Product(s) (if any); and (d) all terms provided by you and displayed on Amazon`s website at the time of the relevant transaction. If you do not comply with the previous judgment or if you have 30 days to appeal our decision on the lawsuit. . We may provide vendor partner APIs (including Web Marketplace Services APIs) and software, data, text, audio, video, images, or other content that we provide in connection with vendor partner APIs, including related documentation, software libraries, and other supporting materials, regardless of format (collectively, “API Materials”) that allow your systems to use certain features or functionality. who are at your disposal. You may allow developers to access Confidential Information and Your Materials through the Seller Partner APIs solely for the purpose of assisting your business with Amazon, and provided that, in all cases where confidential information is disclosed to developers, you will remain responsible for the acts or omissions of such developers, as if those acts or omissions were your own. All terms and conditions that apply to reseller APIs and API documents in this Agreement apply only between you and us. The API Materials, which are public or open source software (“Public Software”), may be made available to you under a separate license, in which case this License governs your use of such API Materials notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, all terms other than the license of this Agreement will apply, unless expressly prohibited by the License for API Materials that are public software.

S-3.2 A to Z warranty and chargebacks. If we notify you that we have received or initiated a claim under the “A-to-z Warranty” offered on a particular Amazon website or other disputes related to the offering, sale, or performance of your products (other than a chargeback) relating to any of your transactions, you have 30 days to appeal our decision on the claim. If we determine that a claim, chargeback or dispute is your responsibility, (a) you will not seek any recourse against Customer and (b) are responsible for providing us with the amount paid by Customer (including taxes and shipping and handling charges, but excluding referral fees retained by us pursuant to Section S-4) in accordance with the “Service Fee Payments” section. of this Agreement, to be refunded. and all other fees and expenses associated with the initial transaction (such as credit card, bank, payment processing, re-submission or penalty fees) and any related chargebacks or refunds, to the extent we pay them. (e) You agree to accept electronic invoices for Services provided to you by Amazon in a format and delivery method determined by Amazon. If the selected country is the United States, Mexico, or Canada as used in Amazon`s Fulfillment Terms of Service, that defined term also means any of the above types of taxes, duties, duties, or fees that may be imposed or collected on Amazon or any of its affiliates in connection with or as a result of fulfillment services; including storing inventory or packaging of your products and other materials owned and stored by Amazon, shipping, gift wrapping, or other Amazon actions in connection with your products in accordance with the FBA Terms of Service. S-2.1 Sale and Execution. If any of your products are processed with Fulfillment by Amazon, the Fulfillment by Amazon Terms of Service for the applicable Amazon website will apply to the storage, performance, and delivery of those products completed by Amazon.

(b) if you do not provide information about the availability of shipping costs in this inventory/product data feed, or if your product belongs to a product category designated by Amazon as requiring shipment within two (2) business days, two (2) business days from the date the relevant order was placed by Customer. . . .

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